WIP – ‘Ascension’ – Diary 02

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The Progress so far…

I will be splitting this project into manageable chunks, so I have deliverables as milestones throughout. I have been busy working on other projects next to this one, but I have been able to spend a lot of spare time working on it nonetheless. You can read about the first stage of the project >HERE<.

In the past weeks I have made textures for the modelled elements, improved my pipeline into Octane and worked on the design of the spacestation. I have added more details to the elements and started to work on lighting. While I am waiting for my new videocard I had to switch to lower resolution textures for the time being. Most of the station is rigged for the basic needed motions.

Elements I still need to finish before the first animations:

  • Robot Arm+Rigging (+Textures)
  • Fuel Storage (Textures)
  • Wires+Tubes (Modelling+Textures)
  • Extra Lighting Elements
  • Supporting truss structures

These should be done with the next update. The next stage will be basic animated shots with some closeups. For this I will need my new card so the higher res textures actually pay off, right now any shot closer than 5 meters, in focus, get pixelated.

After the animation the next stage will be modelling the elements for the final animation. From here I will not post any stills or animations until the animation is finished. At which point I will publish a post with the final animation and one with the progress.

Below are some progress shots, straight from Octane. No photoshop to edit anything. Some of the lights need balancing, causing fireflies. But in general I think so far it looks pretty good. Throughout you can see the progress from single modules, to connected systems and added details in the form of panels.

Part three <HERE>.