Cyberpunk Cosplay

In June 2019 I went to my first Anime convention, for which I built my Tattercloak cosplay, the first cosplay I ever built. Which can be found here. Shortly after that we decided to go to Abunai 2019 for our second Con (august 23rd). So in July I started with my second build as part of a group cosplay. The theme for the con was going to be Cyberpunk and I was already planning to make a Street Samurai cosplay. So I pitched the idea of a Cyberpunk, genderbend version of the Konosuba group to my friends and quickly made some concepts. They loved it and we were of to the races.

I will post betails about the build itself in a blogpost at some later point. But the entire build took me 2,5 months to build. It wasn’t as much concrunch, but I was working on it until the last day. Out of the KonoSuba cast I would be dressing up as the masochistic crusader Darkness (the blond knight in yellow). And my friends would be dressing up as the rest of the cast.

I tried to take small design elements and apply them to a cyberpunk template. Small detailling in the clothing or in the character design like the hairclips and dress were all incorporated to various degrees of success. It also allowed me to add light effects to the costume. I incirporated LED strips in the sword using acrylic glass and in the spine of the armor. Furthermore individual LEDs were placed inside the helmet.

Wearing this costume was a blast and I am very proud of it. And it seems with good reason, since I participated in the Hallway Cosplay Competition and won a special mention because they were very impressed with the whole build. Pretty good for a second atempt at building a Cosplay!