D&D - Art (2019)

For the worldbuilding of both Droceth and Khomeria I have made a lot of illustrations. Both as figures in the world or even as characters in campaigns. Dungeons and Dragons is very much a storytelling medium, but most of it is confined to the minds of the players, the theater of the mind. But people are visually inclined creatures, so it is an excellent opportunity to flex some creative muscles and get to drawing, both contributing to the richness of the world created and fulfilling the need to give shape to the things I write about.

One of the characters prominent in Droceth is Ss’Erash, the goddess of the moon, winter and beasts.I have made several illustrations of her and have included and excerpt from the campaign guide on the right. I particularly like her colorscheme of whites and blues, cold and icy while her extremities have some warmer hues.

Wisp is a character I actually played as a character in another campaign where creatures of different worlds converged. As a deep merfolk she has bioluminescent lights over her body, which contrast nicely with her dark clothing and exterior. Although on the inside she is just a naive little kid.


” The Claws of Winter, Ss’Erash embodies the season of Winter. The winter is harsh, brutal and heartless. It will tear the throat out of any who are unprepared. Those who are prepared will find it to be tranquil and beautiful.

Ss’Erash is envisioned as a white haired woman with pale blue skin, growing darker to her extremities. Her Hands are incrusted in icy claws and her eyes are a deep dark blue with red pupils, bloodlust offsetting her icy determination and calm. Dressed in white furs and leathers with battered steel plate armor and sometimes in a simple white dress. Sometimes she is seen nude with elements of animals, like antlers, fangs or hoofs, different for everyone who is visited her.

She is rarely seen, any who try to look at her straight lose the image of her. She can only be observed from the corner of the eye, always out of focus. Sometimes she can bee see on icy cold nights following travellers through the snow, from the edge of their vision.
Representing the soul of Winter, Ss’Erash is related to the cold, the wild, wild beasts or animals and the winter storms. She was once courted by the Nightlord Yehnur, who gave her the moons, largest in his sky, as a gift. She froze them with her power, lighting Droceth during the dark nights. But Sovoth and Saevath were hateful of the light and treasured the anonymity of darkness. So they bid their strongest minions to begin a ritual to consume the ice.
Temples to Ss’Erash are not common compared to her holy sites and shrines. The rituals surrounding the Goddess of Beasts and Winter are generally violent and closely tied to nature. As such organised practice of the religion is often centered around natural sites away from cities.

Her worshippers include many of the northern races and the more civilised barbaric tribes. Those living in a colder climate hope to find the mercy of Ss’Erash on their worst days and barbarians pray to her for the strength of beasts when they go into battle. She is generally not worshipped by savage races, who have their own deities dedicated to violence. Ss’Erash is more nuanced than pure uncontrolled rage. “

From the Droceth Campaign Guide