D&D - Art - Kona

Kona is one of the characters I played the longest in a campaign. Currently she is featured as a wandering deity in Droceth and Khomeria. Initially she fulfilled the much needed role of tank in the party but she soon grew to be much more than that.  Much of her design is white cloth with battered armor, a connection to her ‘unknown’ past. Her fiery red hair is a stark contrast with the rest, something I tried to emphasize in the illustrations I made of her.


” War, conflict… unending battle… and she relished it. The unending strife between good and evil, angel versus demon, that was the Dawn War, didn’t matter to Kona. Destruction and combat, for the cause, was all she lived for. With her squad of fellow astral deva’s she had been fighting in the front lines for centuries. Order and chaos at the same time… all that is left is conflict, loss and victory. the ebb and flow of battle had gone both sides for as long she could remember, but this time would be different, this time she would lead an assault and finally make a dent in the demonic hordes, this time she would go for one of the Balor Lords leading from the back of his hordes of lesser demons.

With radiant fury she fought, a destructive force of energy wading through the front lines with her squad around her. Slashing left and right, stepping over the fallen bodies of her enemies Kona moved up to the towering Balor and raised her blade. The titanic demon turned around and grinned. Deep down Kona felt as if the Balor was looking right through her, but all that mattered right now was taking him down.

Kona didn’t know how long she fought the Balor, but when she finally pulled her sword from the fallen body of her opponent she fell to her knees, exhausted. The Balor uttered its last sounds before it finally died. It laughed, mockingly. She slowly rose and turned around, looking over the battlefield back to her own surging brethren. Only to see the broken bodies of her friends and allies. Her reckless charge had left them open while they tried to close the ranks with her. She accomplished her goal, a great victory for her regiment, even the army. But at what cost? Screaming, crying and hurting she collapses on the ground before being torn limb for limb by the endless waves of demon moving in to close the gap, sensing weakness.

She becomes conscious of bonds, she is unable to move… what? She has no body, no hands, arms, legs, no eyes… yet the beings of pure light still appear in the darkness. Awesome power radiates from them and she has never felt so small in her life. They did not speak in words, but waves of emotions and images filled all she was. Disappointment, most of all. She was special, she could have done so much. Yet she didn’t, she was selfish, arrogant. She was to be punished and the lights faded. Nothing left for what felt like an eternity until even that sense fled her.

A battered, bleeding woman walks through the icy wastes of what will at one point become the Northern Wastes, seemingly lost, unsure. The same woman, still lost and unable to respond to anything walks up and down the coast trying to understand. Scars across her body tell a harrowing tale her mind cannot. A mindless woman stalks the jungles of a far away land, and not a predator will get in her way, more determination in her step yet she still can’t make sense of the world. A woman, not a day older than when she first was there, is watched by curious eyes as she walks through the rich streets of a lost city, no longer a village yet still far from the vast city it will become. She walks, watched by more than just the locals until she stops and slowly raises her head become aware of a familiar sense. For the first time in centuries Kona actually becomes conscious of the world around her and she stares at one of the first big temples of the city. She stumbles, looks around her as the townsfolk have gathered to look at the otherworldly woman standing in front of their holy temple. Tears fill her eyes as she acknowledges other beings around her for the first time. Some images flash through her mind, of strife, of sacrifice, another life maybe. And she finds inspiration the protect the innocent and vanquish all that would stand in their path and oppose freedom. And she regains her name in a flash of divine inspiration… Kona. She turns around and smiles at the people around her as she becomes aware of her condition, battlescars centuries or even aeons old, barely clothed. The townsfolk look uncertain, apprehensive at the divine like being with the savage look. As she vows to bring them and all the good people in the world the freedom that their good deities wish them to have. Yet she knows so little of this world she has wandered all this time… “

– Excerpt from the Droceth Campaign Guide