Dungeons and Dragons: Homebrew Worldbuilding

Droceth was the beginning of a large worldbuilding project, that started by the end of my University years when I played Dungeons and Dragons with my roommates. I started playing D&D back in 1998, but when I want to university I started playing with my roommates. It is also when I started GMing games, since none of my friends felt comfortable doing it. Resulting in me having over 8 years of GM experience when I left university. Most of the time I used premade Campaign Settings like Eberron or the Forgotten Realms, shaping them as I needed. But I felt the need to create something mine. And that journey began with some ideas for a pirate campaign.

Writing small pieces for a couple of years I starting consolidating things in my own campaign setting book, further crafting the lore and world. Further straying from an adventure and heading towards full worldbuilding. What started as a gimmicky Pirate infested range of islands quickly grew to a complex political ecosystem built upon a lost age (as any good D&D world should be, since it offers mystery and exploration that doesn’t need explanation).

As the world expanded and grew I came to the realization that a lot more worldbuilding would be required since I had to explain certain phenomena in the world. The World got flooded for about 75% 450 years ago when the Goddess of the oceans went insane under the influence of the Void. This gave rise to Khomeria, a sister world created by the Forerunners over 1500 years ago. With the insanity of the Goddess of water water was drawn from Khomeria and despoited in the oceans of Droceth. This gave me interesting lines to work with and mysteries for my players to explore. Information about Khomeria kan be found here.

Character art I have made for Droceth and the Campaign can be found here.

I will share parts of the world in Blog posts and add the links in the list below: