Khomeria is a worldbuilding project for my Dungeons and Dragons campaign. It is the sisterworld of Droceth, created by the forerunners ages ago. Sages and scientists from that time explored the fabric of the universe only to find a large void, a space filled with nothing. A lack of things meant it could be filled with anything in turn. So through a great magical ritual they created another world that mirrored their own.

Disgruntled by this display of power and disregard for the balance of the world, the elements rose up in anger to destroy the great Forerunner civilization. A civilization that tread the world as gods. In a cataclysmic battle most Forerunners were destroyed by the elements, while some escaped through they vast emptiness of the void to Khomeria, battling the elements along the way. Many lost much of what they were, both mental as physical. In Khomeria they used the last of their power to populate the world with the races that live their today.

Khomeria was drained of much of its water during the Betrayal of the Goddess Oomb, the element of water. As such, much of the world is covered in deserts, saltflats and arid regions. Notable exceptions are Hakromeer and the western jungles of Nestaal’Ahq and Igaltia. 

Due to it being created by mortals, its magic is wild and unstable. This is reflected in many of its inhabitants. Strength or power are prized characteristics. Especially due to the harsh conditions many are left to live in. In this way Khomeria is very different from Droceth, which is quite civilized.

Khomeria is anchored to Droceth and space through Astral anchors hidden away in towers spread across the two worlds.

Those with a keen eye can see much of the geography does have similarities with that of Droceth, betraying its common origin withe the Forerunners. Due to their connection with the Forerunners, Khomerians regard the Elements not as Gods, but as great Titans of Destruction. Their belief system is more tribal than many of the religions of Droceth. Revering ancient heroes or ancestors mjostly on local scale, where some might grow in fame beyond.