Meet MAT - Allegorithmic Contest

The creators of the texture authoring tools Substance Designer and Substance Painter, Allegorithmic, created a competition in 2017. I participated in this competition but unfortunately was not among the winners. I was however featured in the Meet Mat book as one of the honorable mentions.

It was a lot of fun to work in Substance painter, since I normally work in Substance Designer when I need texturing done for work. It allowed me to take a more artistic approach. The wave of Kanegawa has always inspired me greatly, so I wanted to do something with that image. Historically the Dutch were one of the first Western people to establish a trading port on Japanese soil so I felt there was an interesting link there. The colorscheme of the Wave matched the Delftware ceramics made in the Netherlands so I had my starting point.

Japan is known for many things, one among them being Godzilla and the other Kaiju. So I wanted to create a small story about a Cthulu-esque creature, drifting among the stars and descending upon Earth, hiding under the waves of the oceans. its tentacles slowly wrapping around our planet.

For the more technical aspect, I created all materials from scratch. The subtle cracking of the ceramics in the available materials in painter was far from subtle enough for my needs so I recreated it. The same goes for all other materials.

Looking back at the piece I feel like the non lacquered piece of ceramics just looks too bland after all. I should have done that differently, also the lighting effect around the feet looks kind of cheesy. But apart from that I am still fairly happy with what I made.