The Ravens

A girl stands amongst a pile of rubble, crumbled concrete walls. Her pack stands next to her as she peers into the sky as if celebrating the shower of summer rain. The soft, warm drops on her skin reminding her of her humanity, fragility and of joy. In the sky her murder of ravens circle, surveying the area. ‘”Her ravens”, there she goes again, that limited human point of view’, Tanya thinks. She has changed, but some things are hard to get rid of. The keep an eye on her as much as the area, she has value to her master, more than the average human at least. The master invested in her. It gave her the power to be a force in the world. The power to change the world and act as an exemplar of the power of her master. That’s more than most people can expect in their life. Who would have thought that the fall of humanity would be a dragged out era of despondency. Fanaticism, extremism and idiocy… not just in the populace, but also in the leadership, those who people look for to lead. Globalism and isolationism. Conservatism and liberalism. With a world turning to shit mankind was scrambling for answers and it seems most made the wrong choice. And now we’re here. Yes,… still here. Caught in limbo, watched by their masters’ watchers and fighting their wars. History is bound to repeat itself, we just never considered humanity would be an afterthought, a footnote within the rise of the new order, a new world. Neo-feudalism they call it, mankind in service of a greater power. Even though we are just mere ants in their world, their struggle for survival.

Tanya stands up, reinitiates her uplink to the ravens and receives the data from their survey. Her master’s disembodied voice fills her mind. In some way calming yet disturbing. Images flood her head with possible plans of assault for the small hidden base ahead of her. Somewhere hidden within this concrete jungle is a hidden mind, a mind her master wants destroyed. As the rain pours down, slicking her skin, one of the ravens lands on her shoulder and directly interfaces with her for a concentrated data burst. The only reason she, humanity, is still needed is their ability to adapt and make decisions outside of their master’s sphere of influence. And there are so many worse minds out there than the master she serves. And one of them is within 3 kilometers, hidden in an old underground network of tunnels below the city, repurposed to house the massive network of the mind. ‘Neo-Feudalism my ass, I just call it evolution.’ she says with a manic grin on her face as she bounds away from her observation post. The raven bursts from her shoulder, making a sound eerily close to an all-knowing laugh, as it and all others spring forth chasing the lone girl. Leaving an area scattered with the discarded bodies of humans, weapons strewn about. The state of the surroundings show they never stood a chance.

This Project

This started as a project to use Marvelous designer for concept design. I had to learn the software for work, replicating bespoke suits for our configurator system. I wanted to try making something myself rather than replicating things from real life and that’s where this image was born.

The background for this image relates to some Cyberpunk world building I have done for an IP over the past few years. I still want to continue this at some point, at least writing more small stories.